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End to end testing with Cypress

Building consistent cross-browser experiences with JavaScript is not easy peasy. Join us for a 4-hour full hands-on workshop on End to end testing with Cypress and learn how to ensure rock-solid behavior of your JavaScript apps on all web browsers. The workshop will take place on Saturday 5 October 2019 SourceLair HQ, delivered by Omilia front-end lead Marios Fakiolas.

Who should attend

  • Tech leads looking for ways to ensure cross-browser compatibility of their apps
  • JavaScript developers looking for ways to increase the reliability of ther applications
  • JavaScript developers looking at end-to-end testing as a next step in their career


  • JavaScript knowledge from every day experience
  • Bringing your own laptop

What you will learn

  • Universal end-to-end testing principles
  • Using Cypress for end-to-end testing of browser JavaScript applications
  • Setting up automatic test runs with GitHub Actions


The workshop will be delivered by Omilia JavaScript lead Marios Fakiolas. Attendees will also get personal assistance during the workshop by SourceLair co-founder and xterm.js creator Paris Kasidiaris.


  • Event attendees will get a free SourceLair Pro subscription for a year.
  • Enjoy unlimited free coffee, tea, fruits and lunch with vegetarian options during the workshop.
  • This workshop’s price is a steal for the value that you will get and bring back to your company.
  • This workshop runs with limited seating. You will get the most of the instructors’ attention!

Why trust us?

We teach the lessons we have already learnt from working on big and complex code bases with rock-solid reliability in production. Marios has been working on the JavaScript code base of Omilia which exists for years with tens of developers working on it on a dily basis! Paris has been working on the JavaScript code base of SourceLair with a whooping 30,000+ lines of code!

On top of that we are the creators of xterm.js, an open-source JavaScript library adopted by Microsoft in VS Code to power its integrated terminal, which exists more than 5 years and has more than 100 contributors from all over the globe!

What people are saying about our workshops

I gained in depth knowledge of the most contemporary software architecture methods. The material was adequate and thorough and the instructors were well prepared and experts in this domain!

- Matina Tsavli, Security Architect, Nokia

As far as the workshop is concerned, it was truly interactive. The content of the presentation was so solid as useful and the team was awesome. This is definitely the best workshop I have ever participated in.

- Tom Chavakis, Software Engineer, Encode

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