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Docker Swarm: From theory to practice

Join us for a 6-hour full hands-on workshop on Docker Swarm: From theory to practice on Friday 30 Mar 2018 at SourceLair HQ, delivered by SourceLair co-founder and CTO, Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associate Antonis Kalipetis.

Who should attend

System Administrators, Operations Executives and Developers that want to:

  • Automate, improve and scale their production Docker setup
  • Fill the gaps missing to deploy Docker to their production systems
  • Secure their production systems further


  • Basic Docker knowledge and understanding of concepts (e.g. Container, Images, Dockerfiles)
  • Basic programming skills
  • Bringing your own laptop

What you will learn

  • Concepts: Nodes, Tasks, Services, Networks, Configs, Secrets)
  • Topology: Networking, Node Roles, Cryptographic Identity)
  • Practical Skills: Deploying Services, Deploying Stacks, Rolling Updates, Debugging a Docker Swarm Cluster


The event will be led by Antonis Kalipetis with personal hands-on assistance from Paris Kasidiaris and Dimitris Togias.


  • Event attendees will get access to a 3-node Docker Swarm cluster each to practice
  • This event's price is a steal for the value you will bring back to your company
  • This event runs with limited seating. Get the most of the instructors' attention!
  • Enjoy free cofee and lunch during the event.
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