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Docker fundamentals

Docker and containers are the new de facto for developing and deploying applications. Although the web has been flooded with "Getting started with Docker" tutorials, most of them barely scratch the surface of Docker and containers. We are here to help you understand what is Docker, what sits under the hood, why it useful for you and how to master the fundamentals to get started with it!

Join us for a 4-hour full hands-on workshop on Docker fundamentals on Friday 31 May 2019 at SourceLair HQ, delivered by SourceLair co-founder and CTO, Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associate Antonis Kalipetis.

Who should attend

  • Developers looking at improving their workflow
  • System administrators looking at upgrading their software delivery process
  • Developers that want to learn how Docker can fit in their every day lives


  • Fundamental programming skills in any programming language
  • Bringing your own laptop

What you will learn

  • What is Docker and containers
  • How Docker can help you build and ship better software
  • How Docker compares to existing solutions like VMs and bare metal servers
  • The fundamental Docker building blocks: Containers and Images


The workshop will be delivered by SourceLair co-founder and CTO, Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associate Antonis Kalipetis. Attendees will also get personal assistance during the workshop by SourceLair co-founder Paris Kasidiaris.


  1. This workshop’s price is a steal for the value that you will get and bring back to your company.
  2. This workshop runs with limited seating. You will get the most of the instructors’ attention!
  3. Enjoy unlimited free coffee, tea, fruits and lunch with vegetarian options during the workshop.

Why trust us?

We only teach lessons that we have already learnt the hard way. We run Docker in production and organise the Docker Athens User Group since 2014, before it even hit 1.0.

We have deployed millions of containers for our customers at SourceLair and have been developing and deploying our own big and complex applications with Docker in production multiple times a day for more than 5 years already!

What people are saying about our workshops

I gained deep knowledge of the most contemporary software architecture methods. The material was adequate and the instructors well prepared and experts in this domain!

- Matina Tsavli, Security Architect, Nokia

It was a perfect chance to get familiar with the Docker technology and realize the importance it may have in our operations, and the impact on our products. I could easily go through this technology, understand how it works and even setup my own projects on Docker. Great value, great experience!

- Joseph Alvertis, VP of Products, Orfium

As far as the workshop is concerned, it was truly interactive. The content of the presentation was so solid as useful and the team was awesome. This is definitely the best workshop I have ever participated in.

- Tom Chavakis, Software Engineer, Encode

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