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Terraform fundamentals

Managing infrastructure at large scale is terrifying and exhausting. What if you could manage your infrastructure like you do with code though and roll out a new change only after you have reviewed and approve the change in a Git commig?

Join us for a 6-hour full hands-on workshop on Terraform fundamentals on Saturday 20 July 2019 at SourceLair HQ, delivered by SourceLair co-founder Paris Kasidiaris.

Who should attend

  • System administrators aiming to apply more control over infrastructure mutations.
  • Tech leads wishing to adopt agile methodologies at the systems management
  • System administrators looking for the next step in their carreer
  • System administrators and developers aiming to stay up to date with the latest devops tech


  • Fundamental familiarity with the command line
  • Fundamental familiarity with at least one cloud provider
  • Bringing your own laptop

What you will learn

  • Principles of Infrastructure as Code
  • What is Terraform
  • How you can use Terraform to roll out safe infrastructure mutations
  • How you can use Terraform to audit the history of your infrastructure


The workshop will be delivered by SourceLair co-founder Paris Kasidiaris. Attendees will also get personal assistance during the workshop by SourceLair co-founder and CTO Antonis Kalipetis.


  1. This workshop’s price is a steal for the value that you will get and bring back to your company.
  2. This workshop runs with limited seating. You will get the most of the instructors’ attention!
  3. Enjoy unlimited free coffee, tea, fruits and lunch with vegetarian options during the workshop.

Why trust us?

We only teach lessons that we have already learnt the hard way in production. We have been using Terraform for years now deploying hundreds of VMs, network interfaces, block storage devices and more in seconds!

What people are saying about our workshops

I gained in depth knowledge of the most contemporary software architecture methods. The material was adequate and thorough and the instructors were well prepared and experts in this domain!

- Matina Tsavli, Security Architect, Nokia

As far as the workshop is concerned, it was truly interactive. The content of the presentation was so solid as useful and the team was awesome. This is definitely the best workshop I have ever participated in.

- Tom Chavakis, Software Engineer, Encode

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